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Animal Removal

Do you have an animal on your property that is being a nuisance and causing problems?  Don’t hesitate to give us a call for fast, dependable animal removal services today.

Dead Animal Removal

Whether there was an animal hit by a car, or there is a dead animal somwhere in your walls, we have the knowledge and expertise to find it and remove it quickly and efficiently.

Repairs and Exclusions

Once we have removed the problem animal, we will fix any damage that it caused, and take the necessary measures required to ensure that the entry point is properly sealed.

Best LA Animal Trapping and Removal

When it comes to finding quality animal trapping and removal, it helps to know that you are paying for the experience and better results. Many local Los Angeles County area services only offer some form of prevention or extermination. However, California has long been a leader in protecting and preserving nature, and it is ideal to call a company offering humane animal trapping services at affordable pricing.

When you need a better choice in animal removal service options, you can always receive the best quality possible from Animal Trapping and Removal Service Ltd. Since 1984; our founder has been offering a better alternative to expensive an ineffective animal and pest management services. For over 33 years, we have been helping more area homeowners, and business owners keep their properties free of pests without causing harm to them.

Humane Animal Trapping

Armed with the best in safe and efficient animal trapping techniques and equipment, we can solve all of your problems the easy way. No matter what happens to be overstaying their welcome in and around your home, we can help you fast with affordable solutions in:

  • Skunk Removal
  • Cat or Wildcat Removal
  • Coyote Removal
  • Gopher Removal
  • Pigeon Removal
  • Snake Removal
  • Possum Removal
  • Raccoon Removal
  • Rat and Mice Removal
  • Squirrel Removal
  • And many more pest removal needs.

If it climbs, crawls, slithers, or flies, we can take care of it safely. If you need your home free of invasive pests but you are concerned about potentially harming them in the process, we are the best choice for any need or budget. Call us today and schedule your best animal trapping service today.


We understand that needing fast and affordable skunk trapping services can really stink. Skunks have long been feared for their powerful sprayed stench, but besides that are relatively harmless. Unfortunately, skunks do spook easily, and the slightest surprise could send them into an excitable cloud of spray. While this usually has no long lasting health effects, it can quickly become a real nuisance.

Skunks are a surprisingly common pest to have, especially near wooded areas. If you have been spotting, or smelling, more skunks recently, just call us, and we will take care of them safely. Don’t get sprayed trying to run them off of your home; we can protect your family fast.

Cats and Wildcats

Cats are a common animal that take up residence where they are not wanted. More often than not, it is not simple home variety cats, either. California is home to many different species of wildcats, and some are more aggressive and downright dangerous than others. Even small cats can quickly become feisty, attempting to scratch and bite you when you try to chase them off. Many cats also host fleas, ticks, and other dangerous insects, making it even more necessary to get rid of them.

Cat or wildcat trapping is a common service that we provide, and we are always ready to offer it to your home. Whether you are worried a large wildcat may harm your pet or children, or you cannot seem to get rid of a pesky tom cat hanging around your home, we can ensure that you will no longer have to worry about your furry neighbor.

Los Angeles Raccoon Removal
Los Angeles Rat and Mouse Removal
Los Angeles Squirrel Trapping


Coyotes are found all throughout North America, on both coasts, the Midwest, and as far north as Canada and even Alaska. However, coyotes are a dangerous occurrence to any neighborhood. It is rare that a coyote is traveling alone, and a single coyote could mean that dozens more are within the immediate area as well.

Coyote trapping is not a service that can be ignored. Although usually docile unless provoked, pack mentality can quickly set in. Furthermore, coyotes utilize tactics that lure small animals and even children away to become ambushed, making for a potentially dangerous situation close to home. If you have begun seeing coyotes near your family, don’t delay and call us right away.

Gopher Infestations

Everyone loves a well-manicured yard or garden. However, proper gardening techniques can only go so far. When your flowers, plants, and even trees suddenly become drooping or even dying, it could be something more serious beneath the surface.

The common gopher is a pest that affects homes all throughout the country, and one that can quickly devastate any plants you may have growing. By burrowing underground and feeding on roots, most homeowners are not even aware that they have a gopher problem until it is too late.

Before you wind up spending a fortune on replacing your plants and flowers, call Animal Trapping and Removal Service Ltd. for the affordable options in professional gopher trapping. We can ensure your gophers do not stick around any longer, giving your yard the reprieve that it needs from harm.


Pigeons may not initially seem like a big problem to have, but an infestation is for the birds. A single pigeon can quickly turn into an entire roost of unwanted feathered neighbors, and they can turn into a real problem before long.

There’s a reason that so many people give pigeons the nickname “rats with wings.” Just as rodents can quickly spread diseases, pigeons are known to cause an entire host of issues that affect the health of more people. From causing common allergies to the droppings to causing cases of salmonella, respiratory problems, and even skin irritations, pigeon trapping needs to be performed as quickly as possible.


California is home to many different species of snakes. And while most snakes are harmless and are more afraid of people than we are of them, some snakes can be dangerous, if not outright deadly. Some snakes produce powerful venoms, while others, despite not being venomous, can cause deep puncturing bites.

Baby snakes are even more dangerous, as they have not learned to control the amount of venom that they use when they strike. As a result, in just a moment’s time you, your family, and even your pets can be heading towards a trip to the hospital.

More families in the greater Orange County, CA depend on our team for fast snake trapping services. In no time at all, we can remove the snakes from your property, keeping your home safe from harm. Even if you have begun seeing non-venomous snakes on your property, call us and have the peace of mind that you deserve.

Possum Problems

Possums have long been feared for their appearance. They always look grumpy, and to a degree, kind of gross when they become angry. Most people think that the possum is a type of rat because of their long pink tail and hunched hairy body. In fact, they are our continent’s only marsupial and are in actuality very good to keep around.

That said, possums also scare easily, and they have been known to bare their many teeth or even bite. They can also carry many different types of diseases, as well as fleas. While they eat bugs and even rodents around your home, those with pets may find it best to call us for possum trapping services.

Snake Removal
Possum Removal

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon trapping is a common need in many neighborhoods. These large nuisances knock over trash cans, can cause property damage, and quickly become aggressive. And while some raccoons are not only cute but cuddly, most carry bugs and maybe even disease.

Because raccoons are intelligent, many common store purchased traps are ineffective. As natural problem solvers, it takes a professional, humane trapping service to whisk them away.

Mice and Rats

From annoying scratching noises behind your home’s walls and ceilings to seeing visible physical damage to your property, having a rodent problem is not something that can be ignored. Rats especially can produce offspring at an alarming rate, and your home could be a real breeding ground before too long.

Although some would prefer to rely on natural predators, such as a house cat skilled at hunting, even this may not be enough to get rid of your problem. By offering rat and mice trapping, we can help take away rodents before they start producing more children. At the first early warning signs of rodents in your home, call us right away to keep control of your house.


Squirrels may be cute and funny to watch, but they are also harmful to residential properties. Squirrels are known to feed on bird feeders, as well as plants and flowers. Just like other rodents, squirrels easily cause more harm than good. When your yard becomes infested with damaging squirrels, our team offers a better choice in squirrel trapping.

When you call our team, you are not getting another faceless franchise offering poor quality animal trapping services. Since 1984, we have been a locally owned company by a Riverside County, CA area veteran. Choosing us means hiring a local business, and one owned by the animal trapping expert who cares about your home.

When you need a fast, friendly, and affordable choice in local humane animal removal options, you need Animal Trapping and Removal Service Ltd. We offer low rates on effective measures that won’t harm the animal or you. We provide dependable service with better results each time you call.


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